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Request for 2020 C&C Prize Nomination(s)
(Self-nominations not acceptable)

The NEC C&C Foundation is a government-authorized non-profit organization established in March 1985 with funds donated by NEC Corporation. Its mission is to foster further growth in the electronics industry by encouraging and supporting research and development activities and pioneering work in the field of computers, communications, electron devices and their integrated technologies, that is, C&C.

One of the activities of the Foundation is to present its C&C Prize to distinguished persons in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the development and furtherance of C&C technologies. 

Up to two individuals or groups receive this prize annually. There can be as many as three people in a group. Each recipient is given a certificate, a plaque, and a cash award (10,000,000 yen for each group). 

I would like to ask you to nominate one or more candidates for the 2019 C&C Prize. Using the nomination form can be downloaded from the URL at the bottom of this page and referring the nomination guide below, please submit your nomination(s) by Monday, May 25, 2020.

Please find the successive C&C Prize recipients from the URL below.

The Foundation’s Awards Committee will evaluate the nominees and select the winners.

I would highly appreciate receiving nomination(s) from you.


Nobuhiro Endo
The NEC C&C Foundation

Guide for Nominating C&C Prize Candidate(s)

  1. Work-Related Qualifications

    The prize goes to distinguished persons who have made outstanding contributions and/or done pioneering work in the field of C&C technologies or substantially improved people's lives through the furtherance of social science via C&C. (“C&C technologies” means computer technologies, communication technologies, electronic device technologies, and/or integrated fields of these technologies.)
    Specifically speaking, the prize goes to those who have made outstanding contributions to academic research, technology development, dissemination activities, training activities, technological applications, and other activities in the fields of C&C technologies, including computer science and engineering, information processing and theory, broadcasting, medical electronics, astrionics, electronic devices, production technology, and information sociology. In addition, applicants should hold outstanding achievements in setting new technological trends or founding research fields leading to the future advancement and development of C&C, and the promotion of social value creation.
    Applicants who have earned the above-mentioned achievements are eligible regardless of when the relevant activity was carried out.

  2. Other Factors
    1. There are no restrictions on a candidate’s organization, nationality, age, gender, or religion. Candidates are limited to living persons, and self-nominations are not acceptable.
    2. The prize is awarded to two finalists; however, a group consisting of up to three persons is regarded as one finalist.
    3. You may be asked by the Awards Committee to provide further information on the candidate(s) you recommend.
    4. You can nominate the same candidate(s) as you did in the past.
  3. Making a Nomination

    Please use one nomination form per candidate. In the case of a group nomination, use one form for each person in the group.

  4. Submission Details

    Please send the completed form(s) to the Foundation by Friday, Monday, May 25, 2020, to the attention of Mr. Masanobu Hashimoto.

    The NEC C&C Foundation
    NEC Head Office Building
    Attention: Mr. Masanobu Hashimoto, Executive Director
    7-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8001, Japan
       E-mail address:

  5. The nomination form for the C&C Prize is available at the URL below. After completing the form, you can submit it to the exclusive email address above.