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2020 C&C Prize Ceremony

Welcoming speech by Dr. Nobuhiro Endo,
President of The NEC C&C Foundation

The 2020 C&C Prize Award Ceremony was held at ANA InterContinental Tokyo on November 30, 2020. The ceremony started with the welcoming speech by Dr. Nobuhiro Endo, the president of the NEC C&C Foundation, followed by the recognition of 2020 award recipients by Dr. Tomonori Aoyama, the chair of the awards committee. The 2020 C&C Prizes were presented to Prof. Jun Murai and Dr. Michael Stonebraker.

Group A: Prof. Jun Murai;
For Pioneering Contributions to Society in Building and Developing the Internet in Japan

Group B: Dr. Micheal Stonebraker;
For Pioneering Contributions to Relational Database Systems

Prof. Jun Murai
Dr. Michael Stonebraker and his wife

As shown in the program leaflet, after the congratulatory speeches, the recipients made acceptance speeches, and the ceremony ended. Followings are the pictures taken at the ceremony.

Venue of the C&C Prize Ceremony

Recognition of 2020 C&C Prize Recipients by
Dr. Tomonori Aoyama,
the chair of the awards committee
Congratulatory speech by Mr. Hirohide Hirai

Congratulatory speech by Dr. Iwao Sasase Congratulatory speech by Dr. Katsumi Emura Acceptance speech by Prof. Jun Murai

Acceptance speech on video by Dr. Michael Stonebraker Prof Murai and his wife
Dr. Stonebraker