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2023 Recipients of C&C Prize

The recipients of the 2023 C&C Prize were selected as shown below.

Group A

 Group A Detailed Description

Dr.Yasunobu Nakamura.jpg

Dr. Yasunobu Nakamura

Director, Riken Center for Quantum Computing
Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Prof.Tsai Jaw-Shen.jpg

Prof. Tsai Jaw-Shen

Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Team Leader, Riken Center for Quantum Computing


For Contributions to the Field of Quantum Information Technology, including the Development of Superconducting Qubits and Quantum Computers


Quantum information technology, which applies the principles and phenomena of quantum mechanics to information processing, is a rapidly progressing field that covers a broad range of subjects, including quantum communications, quantum computing, quantum measurement, and quantum sensing. Quantum computers, which hold promise in efficiently solving problems that are difficult for conventional supercomputers, have been attracting much attention in recent years, and competition in their development has been intense.  

In 1999, Dr. Nakamura and Prof. Tsai were the first to achieve a superconducting qubit, the basic element of superconducting quantum computers. They have been leaders in research and development in the field, and the technology has come to be applied to the development of quantum computers at several companies. Additionally, in March 2023, Dr. Nakamura put Japan’s first quantum computer into operation.  

Dr. Nakamura and Prof. Tsai were the first to create a superconducting qubit as the basic element of superconducting quantum computers. Many research achievements through their efforts as pioneers and front-runners of quantum information technologies have contributed to the development of quantum computers that would impact society in diverse ways. In view of their many and outstanding achievements, Dr. Nakamura and Prof. Tsai are deserving recipients of the C&C Prize.  

Group B

>> Group B Detailed Description

Mr.Guido van Rossum.jpg

Guido van Rossum

Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Corporation


For Major Contributions to the Development of the Python Programming Language and its Use as Open-source Software


The rapid evolution of digital technologies such as computing, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data science is driving a digital transformation (DX) and the ongoing creation of new services and business models, most of which are implemented by software. Softwarization makes the development of complex processes and tasks more efficient, enables developers to keep up with rapidly evolving digital technologies, shortens development times from brainstorming to implementation, and facilitates flexible system development according to needs.  

Guido van Rossum, known as the father of the Python programming language, led the Python development community and was heavily involved in the design and development of the language. His vision was to make Python into a simple and easy-to-read language capable of efficient programming. Today, Python is supported by a wide range of programmers from beginners to specialists for use in a variety of applications and services.  

Guido van Rossum’s vision, leadership, and contributions to the Python community have had a major impact on the world of programming. Thanks to its ecosystem (peripheral environment) of abundant libraries, frameworks, and tools, Python is being used in a wide variety of software applications that are contributing greatly to the development of society. In view of the great contributions that he has made to the development of the Python programming language and its use as open-source software, Guido van Rossum is a deserving recipient of the C&C Prize.