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2022 Recipients of C&C Prize

The recipients of the 2022 C&C Prize were selected as shown below.

Group A

 Group A Detailed Description

Dr.Satoshi Matsuoka

Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka


Director, Riken Center for Computational Science
Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


For Contributions to Pioneering Research and Development of Energy-saving and General-purpose Ultra-high-performance Computer Systems  


Supercomputers constitute an essential tool for fostering innovation in all sorts of fields in modern society, from a variety of science and technology fields and design/manufacturing applications to the creation of smart cities. In fact, supercomputers have become indispensable to computer science (simulation), which is said to be the third science after theory and experimentation. At the same time, there is a demand for high-performance computers in the processing of big data in “data science,” the fourth science, so competition in the development of supercomputers as a driver of innovation continues throughout the world.  

Dr. Matsuoka is known for his research in supercomputer configuration methods and system software. It was his intention to develop an easy-to-use computer with importance placed on high-performance, low cost, energy savings, and actual application performance by incorporating GPUs in supercomputers as a world’s first and adopting other novel techniques. He is a worldwide leading figure in supercomputers that have obtained top rankings in the world in many indices including energy efficiency. As the person with overall responsibility in the development of the TSUBAME series of supercomputers open widely to industry and academia as “everyone’s supercomputer” and in the development of supercomputer Fugaku, he led the way from their initial research and development to their actual use. In view of these remarkable achievements recognized around the world, Dr. Matsuoka is certainly a deserving recipient of the C&C Prize.  

Group B

Group B Detailed Description

Dr.Charles H. Bennett

Dr.Charles H. Bennett

IBM Fellow, IBM Research


Prof.Gilles Brassard

Professor of Computer Science, Université de Montréal
Turing Chair for Quantum Software, QuSoft


For Pioneering Research on Quantum Cryptography and Essential Contributions to the Establishment of Quantum Information Theory


Cryptography is one of the fundamental technologies that protect the security of information. However, most current cryptographic techniques, including those used in electronic commerce, are only computationally secure. In particular, they will become decipherable when quantum computers are put into practical use. This may also occur with the discovery of new algorithms, even for classical computers. The inability to detect the presence of eavesdroppers, as well as the possibility to harvest currently indecipherable messages now and decrypt them later, is a significant weakness, which it would be advisable to remedy in the network of the future. For this reason, quantum cryptography, introduced by Dr. Bennett and Prof. Brassard, is attracting attention as a cryptographic technology whose present and future security is guaranteed by the laws of physics.  

For their invention and development of quantum cryptography and their role in founding the field of quantum information science, Dr. Bennett and Prof. Brassard are well deserving of the C&C Prize.